Back in the day… 1991 Eli Bonerz and Adam Silverman opened the X-LARGE Store in Los Angeles. Vermont street to be exact, a spot not too far away from the center of Hollywood. The X-LARGE store was a place that absorbed the scene around them, mix of skateboarding, rave, hiphop, jazz funk, club scene, trends vintage and new, in a time while rock/hiphop crossover bands put a spotlight on L.A. And we can’t talk about the early days without Mike Diamond of the Beastie Boys. Mike D. was a huge influence on the unique concept that became X-LARGE. X-LARGE actually started with T-shirts because they were the easiest to make, and to this day stands as the most iconic item, the original gorilla tee. They made caps as well and continued to make their own work wear shirts, but instead of polyester, they used cotton. The boys had it all figured out by making it all about having fun and had creative ways to sell their collections. X-LARGE lives on, influencing new generations of street wear with the iconic OG gorilla.

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