2015 World Series Contest

2015 World Series Contest


After 14 entertaining innings (including an inside-the-park homerun, the first in 112 years), game 1 is officially in the history books and this World Series is shaping up to be a great one so far.  Many of our loyal fans gave us their score predictions for the first game and a couple came real close – but no cigar. So, we’ve decided to continue the contest with a minor change in the number of hats you can win (see below).    


How to enter:

Follow us right now on twitter & instagram (@craniumfitteds)if you’re not already doing so.

On Twitter/Instagram: post one of your favorite products from CraniumFitteds.com and mention @craniumfitteds along with your prediction of game two’s winner including the final score by tonight,October 28, 2015 at 8pm EST.  Use the hashtags #Worldseries #Game2 #Craniumfittedscontest #Mets #Royals


Example: Post a product image from CraniumFitteds.com on twitter and/or instagram with the following text “@craniumfitteds the Royals will win game one 7-3 #Worldseries #Game2 #Craniumfittedscontest #Mets #Royals”


You can only give one score prediction but if you happen to post on both social networks and you get the winner and score right, you win quadruple the prize!   


Winners who posted on only one social network will get 3 free hats at CraniumFitteds.com (12 free hats if you win and post on both Instagram and Twitter).  Be sure to post on both Twitter AND Instagram to get the bigger prize. 


PS Don’t forget to come and check us out at CraniumFitteds.com and show us love and support, thanks.


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