What to wear with the Jordan 8 Aqua Kicks

What to wear with your Jordan 8 Aqua kicks

As if Black Friday isn’t already a crazy day, the Jordan brand is set to bless the scene with one of its most iconic kicks, the Jordan 8 in the infamous Aqua colorway.  The last time you had a chance to get your hands on a pair was 8 years ago.  So guess what?  If you’re planning on sleeping in on Black Friday, chances are you may have to wait till 2023 for your next chance to buy a pair.  Don’t get caught slippin’ – these savage resellers will be pouncing on every pair and then turn around and try to hustle you for double the retail tag or possibly more.  By the way, these are set to retail at $190.  Incidentally, just a few days later, the Jordan brand will be celebrating the silhouette’s 23rd anniversary.

If you happen to get lucky and get a pair, you’ll need a fresh hat to match – that’s a given.   Well, Mitchell & Ness came through for us and created a great collection which incorporates the chenille applique, found on the tongue of the Jordan 8 Aquas, into the team logo including the signature tango outline.  This is definitely Mitchell & Ness‘ way of going above and beyond your usual 3D puff embroidery.  But it doesn’t end there – they even hooked up the under visor with a similar pattern found on the back of the sneaker (just above the midsole) to tie everything up nicely.  We love what Mitchell & Ness has done with their headwear, they always push the envelope with their quality and designs.

To purchase the Cleveland Cavaliers hat shown above and/or to see other teams available, click here.



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