Dad Hats Available At

Dad Hats Available At

New Dad Hats Have Arrived At Cranium

Who would have thought we’d see the culture evolve the way it has?  Remember Pharell’s Arby’s hat that he was wearing for a while?  Yeah, that flopped – and we knew it would – that’s why we never carried them to begin with.   But that’s not the case with the latest headwear trend, dad caps.  Dad hats have been seen worn by many mega influential artists like Kanye West, Fabolous, Drake, and Wiz Khalifa, just to name a few.  The trend is on fire right now as B-List celebrities and many other influential people in the industry have also caught on to the new wave.

The hats are usually made of soft cotton and have a strapback giving you the freedom of adjusting your hat as needed.   Cranium Fitteds always has you in the forefront of our minds and that’s why  many have come to expect us to be the first ones to deliver new products to the market.  As always, we’re always on top of the trends, helping you look your freshest possible.  That’s why we have the most loyal customer base in the hat business.

We currently have several brands of dad caps in stock, including Mitchell & Ness, American Needle, and 47 Brand.  We chose to stock these brands because they produce the best fitting dad hats along with superb quality .  The other leading hat manufacturer lost its mojo years ago; pumping out subpar workmanship and designs that were out of touch with the market.  We gave them our feedback but they never considered our request to improve the quality of their hats or styles.

To check out our complete dad hat selection available at – which includes the White Sox dad hat you see in this post, click here.

*We only have a limited amount available in stock and we won’t be restocking them.

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