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The dad hat. It’s amazing where the trend has gone.  Who would have thought back in 2000 that we’d have skinny jeans and snapbacks instead of fitted hats as the choice and now – the dad hat is the fit for the day.

Volumes can be written with regards to how much things have changed in street wear since the Diplomats era.   Skinny jeans, Rock n Roll patches replaced the baggy Evisu that once were.  Everything is unpredictable in fashion it’s like juggling with hot coal.

They say history repeats itself and in a way people think they can predict what’s going to cycle in.  The generation that wore Rocawear, Sean Jean and Akademiks is evolving to a more grown up -look at least in the headwear department.

We love the dad hat silhouette, it’s a clean piece.  ’47 does a great job on their “Clean Up” model.  They’re made of 100% cotton which is soft to the touch.

Every headwear company is known for one particular type of product.  For example, Mitchell and Ness is king when it comes to snapbacks, New Era dominates in fitted hats.  And ’47 owns the dad hat sphere.  There are other headwear companies who do well on catching the trend but that’s risky when you consider how rapid the trend changes.  So it’s definitely an asset to have these days.

Minnesota Timberwolves dad hat

Minnesota Timberwolves dad hat

Minnesota Timberwolves dad hat

Minnesota Timberwolves dad hat

There are still many fitted and snapback fans out there, don’t misunderstand.  One only can wonder what’s coming after this lol.  Whatever it is please don’t start rocking cowboy hats.

Growing up in the 90’s my friends would wear Polo dad hats and I always thought they were so clean and thought they had a sophisticated look to them as opposed to an oversized fitted which had a sinister look instead.

Since dad hats have seen a surge in demand not only have private label been benefiting but also the sports leagues as they continue to have a strong following which always tends to choose some clothing or hat article and create a sports trend from Mitchell and Ness throwbacks to NBA headbands.  Bottom line, we love our sports and we always find a way to represent them.

As previously stated, each headwear producer is known usually for one silhouette.  That being said, each company has a different limited minimum for their custom program.  The dad hats from 47 have a relatively high minimum so that’s why you don’t see many customs out there.

Additionally, the streets seem committed to the team colors look for now.  Classics like Boston Red Sox and Yankees are fan favorites indeed.  We are stocking more and more teams to give you what you need.  They’re at a great price point, only $21.99 vs $34.99 for a fitted.

Dad hats are easy to shop for online because they’re adjustable so there’s no worry or fuss over sizing.  To view our entire dad hat inventory, click here.

New York Knicks dad hat

New York Knicks dad hat

New York Knicks dad hat

New York Knicks dad hat

How has the dad hat trend come about?  One theory is that the generation that grew up with Sean John and Rocawear are dressing up more of a grown up look.  That includes the type of hat and colors they wear.  Nowadays, neutral colors as opposed to hot pink and other loud colors are what’s in demand.

Unlike the snapback trend, the dad hat has a tougher barrier to entry as not all brands are able to produce the right type of dad hat.  Those doing 100% acrylic will find out that that’s not what people are looking to wear.  The relaxed cotton look is what’s popular right now not the stiff fabric.  The cotton dad hats give off a warm and comfortable signal to the eye of the beholder.

As previously mentioned, 47 is leading the pack when it comes to the dad hat silhouette.  This is because they have the all cotton soft hand-feel on their dad hats along with a firm and strong curved visor.  They even have a washed look, in a good way.

If you would have told us just a few years ago that brands like Jordan would be out and trends like the dad hat would be in we would, rightly so, say you’re crazy.  Gone are the baggy jeans and oversized t-shirts.  Gone for many are the fitteds, especially oversized fitteds.  Many won’t even do snapbacks anymore.

That’s life.  Change is constant.  Many people resist to change and want to keep the status quo.  That’s understandable but not realistic.  The main reason trends cease to exist is because too many people jump on the bandwagon and the product just becomes synonymous with the person you dislike that happened to buy the same product you did.

Who remembers the visor era?  Could that make a comeback?  We digress.  Let’s get back to dad hats.  It seems that many brands got burned during the snapback era and are being cautious, that’s why you don’t see the volume of dad hats styles as you did with snapbacks.  Besides there’s really only so much you can do to a dad hat since it’s meant to look minimal – at least in the current fashion atmosphere that’s what it is.  We get it, people are with this whole skinny minimalistic Apple world with just one button.

The great thing about dad hats is that, with some of them, you can put the crown in your back pocket and not worry too much about the creases – can’t say the same with a fitted or a snapback.  If you did that with those two, you’d ruin your nice $25-30 investment.

Much like the contrast of skinny vs baggy jeans, we have the unstructured dad hat vs the structured high crown snapback.  That’s a huge 180 shift.  For many already wearing dad hats, it’s normal now.  Anything else is foreign to them right now.

A lot of rappers and celebs have been spotted with a dad hat on, particularly the cleanup by 47.  Naturally, people look up to these influential artists for a direction on fashion.  It’s as simple as that.  If Kanye is with Adidas then people are going to wear Adidas, no ifs ands or buts about it.

Many are starting to realize the power of influential artists and they, too, are looking to them for fashion advice.  Some of it doesn’t start this way but the majority does.  And at the beginning the trend is cool, then you see everyone and your mother’s wearing one and you need reinvent the wheel.  We are at the beginning to the middle of the dad hat cycle so you’re safe to continue wearing one without looking like someone wearing Fubu in 2017.

But all jokes aside, Cranium Fitteds has a nice selection of dad hats and is soon to release a chromatic pack which gives people a chance to rock different colorways of their favorite team.  Just like jeans and shoes, people need to have different colors for different days of the week.  Don’t get us wrong, there are those who will only wear one hat and then replace it with the same or a different one.  You can choose either or there’s nothing wrong with either of them.

Houston Rockets dad hat

Houston Rockets dad hat

Houston Rockets dad hat

Houston Rockets dad hat

Just like we mentioned 47 is to dad caps what New Era is to fitted hats and is what Mitchell and Ness is to snapbacks.  We can’t leave out American Needle out of the mix, they run a legit operation as well.  Back to 47 and their brand.  Did you know they used to be called 47 Brand and have recently dropped the word “brand” and are now know simply as 47?

47 has a whole range of products besides their dad hats.  They offer a wide range of sports licensed apparel.  Prior to you knowing of their existence, they were already doing over $100 million a year.  With the dad hat demand, there’s no telling how high their numbers will be this year end.

What does this mean for hat lovers?

More competition means better options for you.  As companies expand, their manufacturing ability and skills increase giving you better gear.  If only one hat company dominated constantly it wouldn’t have an incentive to progress forward with new fabrics that guard against mother nature and stains.  Of course no one likes competition and that’s understandable but a market isn’t one with just one store open on the street.

Let’s turn to why or how supply could hurt dad hat sales.  Could we see new dad hat trends?  Can the market shift to accepting all types of fabrics and all levels of craftsmanship?  If so, then the market will soon be flooded with product from every angle on social media just as we saw at the height of the snapback trend.  How so you ask?  Simple, the stricter the trend the longer it will last because the strictness is constraining who gets to enter the supply market dictated by the unspoken rules.

What does the future hold for dad hats?  It sure isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  Retailers like Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale (bankrupt), Gap, and Polo have been selling them for years.  It’s just now in a high demand cycle.

Once again, a sports licensed item is part of pop culture.  If you look back to the 80’s, there’s always been an article or two that were part of the style of that era mainly consisting of their headwear and jerseys.  It’s almost four decades that sports licensed is going on a roll.  That’s good news for team owners as well.

Let’s turn the subject to the cleaning of dad hats.  Although you may not have to worry about your particular dad hat, it’s always good practice to spray it down with a product like Crept Protect.  The product goes down as an invisible barrier between your dad hat and stains.  Apart from prevention, there are New Era products out there that do wonders when it comes to cleaning of the fabrics.  They’re not aggressive when it comes to cleaning power but it will do great on light stains.  If you’ve got a ball point ink stain on it, good luck.

For storage, if you’re wearing it day to day, let it rest on a flat surface instead of hanging to retain its shape.  If you don’t plan on wearing it for a long time, consider storing it in a box or a plastic bag to keep dust in check.  You should never use tape to remove dust as that will leave tape residue which is a dirt magnet on steroids!  Best to get a hat brush and gently clean your dad hat that way.

If you’ve tried cleaning your dad hat with the cleaner and you can’t brush it away either, maybe it’s time to retire that thing and get a new one!  Part with it for dear God.  All jokes aside maybe you should get a new one?

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s discuss the different types of back enclosures you can have.  Typically it’s either in a strapback or a velcroback.  Again, for those who don’t know, dad hats are adjustable and should fit you unless you have a tiny head or a really big head.  It’s one of those things where we wish we can help but there really isn’t a workaround at the moment.  We feel two sizes would cover all head sizes but unfortunately they are made in one size fits most.

The velcroback quality is great and very easy to use, you’ve done it before, haven’t you?  Just messing with you.  But on a serious note, the quality on the velcrobacks are second to none.

As long as celebrities and athletes continue wearing dad hats the trend is here to stay.  Some have opted not to wear hats at all, basically sitting out the current trend.  And that’s ok.  The game was too crowded before.  If your hair game is strong, more power to you.

Anyways, that concludes our dad hat article.  We hope you have enjoyed reading up a bit on dad hats.





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