Custom New Era hats

Custom New Era hats

Custom New Era hats

If you’re looking for a unique hat, here’s a suggestion, look into one of our custom New Era hats.  Just like the hats you see pictured above, we have hundreds of unique custom New Era hats in limited quantities.

What makes these types of hats special is that A) they’re usually limited to just 36 pcs in the  world and B) they’re not restocked once they’re sold out.   What does that mean for you?  It means you’ll have a chance to own something truly unique and rare but you can’t put off your purchase for too long because things tend to sell out rather unexpectedly.

Custom New Era hats we offer come in two types, fitted hat and snapback or 59fifty and 9fiffty, respectively.  The 9fifty is essentially a 59fifty with a snap on the back which means they have the round visors unlike most other snapbacks on the market which typically opt for the square visor.

You might be asking yourself why there are usually more custom New Era hats than any other headwear manufacturer and a major reason is that the other guys require higher quantities than 36 to get them made as high as 288 pieces.

For many shop owners, 288 pieces is a boat load unless you’re splitting that up amongst 10 stores.  In contrast, since the requirement is much lower, shop owners turn to New Era to make their customs.  New Era has a unique advantage over their competitors in that it is able to produce just 1 cap per size.  That’s unheard of for some other manufacturers some requiring a 12 piece minimum per size.  How New Era is able to do this has to do with the way they size their hats for mass production which leads to less than perfect consistency.  Since New Era has grown, so have their hats.  For instance an old 7 1/4 used to feel tight whereas the modern made in China version can fit like a 7 3/8 or 7 1/2 or even more sometimes.  Most saw these size fluctuations transition around 2009 when the majority of custom New Era hats production moved overseas.  These are some of the cons of mass overseas production.

Custom New Era hats are typically made in China since they cost the merchant about 10-15% less than if they were made in Buffalo, NY.  Hey, a couple of dollars here and there add up.  New Era learned to adapt unlike American Apparel, which made all their products in the USA, who is now gone out of business.  Made in USA products are a great cause to support but it doesn’t look like many Americans are supporting “made in USA” as many had hoped.

But I digress a  bit, the custom New Era hats are great because there are so many different ways possible to customize a hat.  For example, side patches has been trending for a few years now and the types of patches has evolved, from ballparks, to player tributes, to league, etc..  People can’t seem to get enough of the side patch hats.  The more classic and the more history, the better.  It’s a nice addition.  We believe it modifies the hat just enough to differentiate one hat from another.  For example, an AL league patch Yankees fitted is clearly different from a World Series side patch Yankees fitted.  This gives fans a much wider choice of fitteds in their favorite teams.

As cool as that trend is, not everyone’s on board and that’s fine.  Not many were on board when snapbacks became the norm and that was alright too.  Change is not always welcome for some.  But for many it’s a must that they’re leading with the latest trend.

At Cranium Fitteds we have hundreds of custom New Era hats in both fitteds and snapbacks.  We have tons that match sneakers such as the retro Jordans, Air Max 95’s, Foamposites, and so on and so on.  Then we have different team flips and unique colorways that you’ll just have to find things to match the hats, that’s how good our custom New Era hats are, so we’ve been told.

We can sit here and go on all day about custom New Era hats and how great they are but we’d get tired before we’re finished.  Your time would be better spent browsing our site, here, than reading through pages of insight.  But for those willing to read on, pat yourself on the back.

Did you know that when creating a custom, things such as each panel, each pinhole, top visor, under visor, visor layout, button color, fabric type, crown stitching, visor stitching, front logo, rear logo, and rear bartack (snapbacks) have to all be set for manufacturing?

We love the feeling of bringing something unique to the marketplace.  To us these caps are more than just caps.  When our shipments come in and our custom New Era hats arrive and we see how they’ve been made exactly as we had specified.

It’s like a kid on Christmas morning going through everything to see what you’ve got when a shipment comes in.  There’s a few things that we have to go through to make sure all is right.  Just like you count the fingers and toes on your baby, we have to sorta do the same and make sure our shipment is correct before we can prep for sale.  As you go through them and see how they turned out versus the cads, you can just tell the ones that will sell out quick sometimes, they have their own aura about them.  It’s a gut feeling that’s usually right.

We have one of the biggest and most loyal customer base.  Many have been supporting us since day one.  And they continue buying our custom New Era hats and more.  Many have given us suggestions and we wish we could fulfill them but we’d be stocking our inventory out in the streets because we’d run out of room in our warehouse.

We will continue keeping you posted on what’s happening at

Chatanooga Lookouts here.

Philadelphia Flyers here.


Chattanooga Lookouts hat

Chattanooga Lookouts hat

Philadelphia Flyers hat

Philadelphia Flyers hat




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