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Los Angeles Lakers Snapback | CraniumFitteds.com

Los Angeles Lakers Snapback New at CraniumFitteds.com is this Los Angeles Lakers 2000 Finals snapback.  It’s done in a gray crown with an all black bill and features a Western Conference patch on one side and an NBA Finals 2000 patch on the…


Shop Jordan hats | CraniumFitteds.com

jordan hats

Jordan hats Whether you wear fitted hats or you prefer the snapaback, chances are, we have something in stock for you.  Many of our customers are sneaker collectors, so naturally they want Jordan hats.  We have a large assortment of hats to match Jordans…


Which snapback will you buy | CraniumFitteds.com

Find and buy your snapback easily | CraniumFitteds.com

Which snapback will you buy? Cranium Fitteds carries a wide selection of hats including sports licensed caps (NBA, MLB, NBA, etc…). We started the company back in 2009 with fitteds only but it wasn’t but a few months into our operations when the snapback silhouette…

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