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Fitted Hats & 59fifty


Back in the late 90's fitted hats were becoming a thing as the snapback baseball cap phase was winding down.  Fast forward a few years, everyone was wearing a flat brim fitted hat that was clearly 2-3 sizes too big.  The 59fifty got co-signed by artists like Jay-Z and the Diplomats to name a few.  For more than a decade, fitted hats were part of mainstream culture until late 2009 when snapbacks became the latest rage.  Nowadays, instead of everyone wearing a 59fifty, maybe a third is wearing a fitted hat, another third is wearing snapbacks, and the other third is wearing dad hats.  We're living in an era of individuality.


New Era Fitted Hats


When it comes to fitted hats, New Era is the first choice or even the only choice for millions of people.   And because of that, it is nearly impossible for any other brand to introduce a fitted hat line.  Mitchell And Ness makes very good fitted hats and their fitted hats feature a square visor with a high profile crown.  Both make an excellent product, however, if you're looking to step out of your favorite team's colorway, New Era has a great custom program for its retailers allowing them to make custom fitted hats rather than making another navy blue Yankees hat.  


How To Clean Your Fitted Hat


The best way to clean your fitted hat is by using New Era's cap cleaning solution.  They offer cap brushes and spray cleaners to keep your 59fifty in tip top shape.  If it's just some lint and dust you're worried about, use only a hat brush to gently clean your hat.  Never use tape to grab the lint and dust as that will leave tape residue on the fitted hat attracting more dust and lint and next time it will be even harder to clean.  Another tip is to never throw your fitted hat in the washing machine because it will crease the front two panels which are reinforced to give the hat a structured shape.