Dad Hats

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Dad Hats & Dad Caps


Dad hats are low profile, unstructured, 6 panel caps typically made from 100% cotton and has an adjustable strap.  There are acrylic blends out there but those give the dad hat silhouette a more structured look.  As a rule of thumb, the more acrylic in the material, the stiffer the material is going to be.  So if you're looking for a relaxed fit, try the 'Clean Up' model from 47 right here at  

Dad hats became popular by the younger crowd in 2016 and has not slowed down since, as people scramble to build up their dad hat collection.  The look has been adopted by countless celebrities and athletes.  This phenomenon has spread to all four corners of the world with many foreigners adopting the look, including countries like Japan, Australia, Europe, and Latin America.  At, we carry teams from MLB, NHL, NBA, MLS, NFL, and Collegiate from brands like 47, American Needle, and Mitchell and Ness.


Which Dad Hat To Choose


Our most popular dad hat model is hands down the 'Clean Up' model by 47.  Again, it has a nice cotton crown with a cool, comfortable, and relaxed fit.  This hat look pairs nicely with current men's streetwear fashion as it has a more toned down look because of the low profile and curved visor.  Another brand that makes a similar dad hat, is American Needle.  They also use 100% cotton giving their hat an unstructured relax fit as well.


How Clean & Maintain Your Dad Hat

To clean your dad hat from fabric fibers, dust, and lint, it's best practice to use a hat brush rather than trying to grab the dust and fibers with tape.   The reason you don't want to use tape is because it leaves sticky residue on your dad hat which is like a magnet for more dust and fibers.  You want to just use a brush and/or some compressed air to blow the dust off.  This leaves your dad hat clean and free from tape residue, giving your hat a lasting clean look.  In theory, you could throw it in the washing machine since it's unstructured, although we advise against it, but you don't need to go that route as there are cap cleaners out there for you to clean your dad hat with.