Frequently Asked Questions 

1)  Are all your products 100% authentic?

- All our products are 100% authentic.  We're authorized retailers for all products on our site.  We are direct partners with every brand on our site.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact them and ask about us.   


2)  How come some hats fit differently than others? 

- There are many variables that can cause two hats of the same size to fit differently.  The two main reasons are as follows

1) materials used different types of materials will ultimately determine how a hat fits.  As a general rule of thumb, wool hats typically fit slightly smaller than cotton & polyester hats.  The best advice we can give you is that you go to a local shop and try different hats on.  FYI, when a hat is 80% Wool / 20% Cotton, that means the hat (crown) is wool and the visor is cotton.

2) variance tolerance - all manufacturers allow a certain range of acceptable variance from true to size.  For example, say we have two hats in size 7 1/2.  One could have been produced at the lower end of the variance making it closer to 7 3/8 but not quite and the other hat could have been produced at the upper end of the variance making it fit closer to a 7 5/8 but not quite either.  When comparing these two hats you can now notice a half size difference.  This is why no two hats fit the same.


3)  Why don't you guys do exchanges?

The main reason we stopped doing exchanges is because A) by the time we receive your package and get to processing it, most likely we're out of your desired size/product and B) our systems don't have a way of allocating it for you other than by placing your order online.  This is why we've found the best way to ensure you receive the size or product you're looking to exchange for is by simply placing your order ASAP and then returning your order for a refund (less shipping charges).


4)  Can I return my order in person?

To ensure an accurate credit on your Returns, they can only be processed by shipping your order to our PO Box.  Our fulfillment center does not process any returns or exchanges. 


5)  My size is no longer available, can you please restock this hat?

Unfortunately, in order to make room for new product we can't restock most items.  There are core styles that we do restock but overall the majority of the products we offer are for a limited time only (while supply lasts).


6)  How long does it take to get my refund? 

Refunds typically take 1-2 weeks to process from the day we receive your return.  


7) Why is there a penny charge on my credit card?

Our payment processor automatically does a test charge of a penny (which gets voided right away) to verify your card's billing address before they actually charge your credit card the full amount.

You might ask yourself "why don't you just do away with the test charge?"  The reason is because say your billing address wasn't entered correctly or fails to verify due to AVS mismatch (see below), you won't be stuck with a pending void transaction of the entire order amount which lasts 3-5 business days on your account statement.  A test charge is common practice, in fact, Paypal uses a $1 test charge.  We did better than that!  


8)  What is an AVS mismatch? 

AVS stands for address verification system.  It's the system used by most payment processors in the USA to verify the billing address of online shoppers.  If you enter an incorrect billing address, you will get an AVS mismatch error.  


9)  I got a 251 error message while trying to complete the checkout process.  What does that mean?

-  Please see above for information on AVS before reading on. The reason you got this error is because some credit cards don't support AVS which means they won't work on our site.  The best thing to do is use another card which does support AVS.


10)  Do you guys ship worldwide?

-  We ship anywhere USPS does, so yes, we ship worldwide!